Crusade Prayer (15) Thanks for Gift of Divine Mercy

Crusade Prayer (15) Thanks for Gift of Divine Mercy

Oh, My Heavenly Father, we honour you with a deep appreciation of the sacrifice you made when you sent a Saviour into the world. We offer you in joy and thanksgiving our prayer in humble gratitude for the gift you now give to your children, the Gift of Divine Mercy. Oh, God the Most High, make us worthy to accept this Great Mercy with gratitude. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (14) Prayer to God the Father for Protection Against Nuclear War

Crusade Prayer (14) Prayer to God the Father for Protection Against Nuclear War

Oh, Almighty Father, God the Most High, please have mercy on all sinners. Open their hearts to accept salvation and to receive an abundance of graces. Hear my pleas for my own family and ensure that each one will find favour in your loving heart. Oh, Divine Heavenly Father, protect all your children on earth from any nuclear war or other acts which are being planned to destroy your children. Keep us all from harm and protect us. Enlighten us so we can open our eyes, hear and accept the truth of our salvation without any fear in our souls. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (13) Prayer Calling for Immunity

Crusade Prayer (13) Prayer Calling for Immunity

O Heavenly Father, through the love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, whose passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy. Flood their souls, dear Father, with Your token of Love. I plead with You, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation. Through Your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (12) Prayer to Avoid the Sin of Pride

Crusade Prayer (12) Prayer to Avoid the Sin of Pride

Oh, My Jesus, help me to avoid the sin of pride when I speak in your name. Forgive me if I ever belittle anyone in your holy name. Help me to listen, Jesus when your voice is spoken and fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I can discern the truth of your word when you call out to mankind. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (11) Stop Hatred of Visionaries

Crusade Prayer (11) Stop Hatred of Visionaries

Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, please stop the hatred and jealousy which exists amongst your followers towards your true visionaries in these times. I pray that you will hear my prayer to give your visionaries the strength they need to proclaim your most holy word to a disbelieving world. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (9) Offer of Suffering as a Gift

Crusade Prayer (9) Offer of Suffering as a Gift

Oh, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, teach me to accept insults in your Holy name when I proclaim your word with humble thanksgiving. Teach me to understand how humiliation, pain, and suffering bring me closer to your Sacred Heart. Allow me to accept such trials with love and generosity of spirit so that I may present them as the gifts so precious to you in order to save souls. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (8) The Confession For Forgiveness of Sin

Crusade Prayer (8) The Confession For Forgiveness of Sin

Dearest Jesus, I ask your pardon for all my sins and for the hurt and injury I have caused to others. I humbly pray for the graces to avoid offending you again and to offer penance according to your most holy will. I plead for the forgiveness of any future offense which I may partake in and which will cause you pain and suffering. Take me with you into the new Era of Peace so that I may become part of your family for eternity. I love you Jesus. I need you. I honor you and everything you stand for. Help me, Jesus, so that I may be worthy to enter your Kingdom. Amen.

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Crusade Prayer (7) Prayer for Those Who Refuse Mercy

Crusade Prayer (7) Prayer for Those Who Refuse Mercy

Jesus, I urge you to forgive those sinners so dark of soul who will refuse the light of your mercy. Forgive them Jesus I plead with you in order to redeem them from the sins which they find it so difficult to extract themselves from. Flood their hearts with your rays of mercy and allow them the chance to return to your fold. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (5) Praise to God the Most High

Crusade Prayer (5) Praise to God the Most High

Oh, Eternal Father, we offer you our prayers in joyful thanks-giving for your precious gift of mercy to the whole of mankind. We rejoice and offer you most glorious King our praise and adoration for your loving and tender mercy. You, God the Most High are our King, and for this gift you now bring to us we lie at your feet in humble servitude. Please God have mercy on all your children. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (3) Rid the World of Fear

Crusade Prayer (3) Rid the World of Fear

Oh, My Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech you to rid the world of fear which detaches souls from your loving heart. I pray that souls who will experience real fear during The Warning will stop and allow your Mercy to flood their souls so that they will be free to love you in the way they should. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (2) Prayer for Global Rulers

Crusade Prayer (2) Prayer for Global Rulers

My Eternal Father, in the name of your beloved Son Jesus Christ, I ask that you protect your children from the persecution which is being plotted by global forces against innocent nations. I pray for the forgiveness of sin of those souls who are the cause of this hardship so that they may turn to you with humble and contrite hearts. Please give your tortured children the strength to withstand such suffering in atonement for the sins of the world through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (1) My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls

Crusade Prayer (1) My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls

My dearest Jesus, you who loves us so much, allow me in my humble way to help save your precious souls. Have mercy on all sinners no matter how grievously they offend you. Allow me through prayer and suffering to help those souls who may not survive The Warning to seek a place beside you in your Kingdom. Hear my prayer, oh sweet Jesus, to help you win over those souls you yearn for. Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to your most Holy Will at all times. Amen.