Living in the Spirit and in the Present Moment

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael
to guard God’s words to His son,

October 13, 2015

My love, My beautiful one and all of God’s beautiful children, We love you dearly, this is your Mother of Heaven and earth. My son, I have not spoken to you lately because My Son has many serious messages for you. I come to tell you that I am very happy with you and all your friends who are working for Heaven, and especially all the new children of Mine that are starting to help you with all that needs done. Tell them that I love them dearly and I thank them for coming to the prayer group. My children have no idea how much grace is given when a group of My children pray together, whose souls are united to Heaven and each other. This makes Heaven feel so blessed for all of you and the world when you pray.

We are all with you and graces flow from Heaven like rain coming down in a heavy rain storm. I thank all of you personally and I bless all of you personally, and all of your families. Thanks for being the person you are chosen to be by God and Heaven. Do not worry about where you are spiritually to compared to others or what you know spiritually. You are where you are now at this time in your life and I am happy with you as long as you stay out of mortal sin, or go to Confession, or ask God’s forgiveness when you sin and move on with your life. You are all human and will sin, but you have to ask forgiveness and then start over anew in your pure state. We do not ask the impossible of Our children, only satan makes you think that We ask the impossible so you give up and do not try anymore. We love you right where you are at and accept you where you are at, but we wish for you to move a little tiny baby step closer to Heaven each day. If you move a tiny baby step closer to Heaven each day, look where you will be at the end of your life.

My beloved children, most of the things that most people do gain you nothing for your soul or for your body. Look at your life closely and see what really matters and what really makes you happy and you will see that it is not all the material highs. The more material things you get, the more luggage you have to carry during life. It weighs you down body and soul. The more spiritual things you obtain from Heaven, takes the weight off of your body and soul and lifts you up because there is no weight to spiritual things. The gravity of the earth is not tied to spiritual things because they are weightless. They are spirit and light and tie you to Heaven. The worldly things are matter and gravity and they tie you to the earth and you have to carry them. Please choose a light load and start floating up toward Heaven while still on earth and your life will be much easier. Do not let the weight of the world hold you down. Let the spirit of Heaven lift you up. Your loving Mother to Her children. Love, Mother.

Continued at 8:30 am: My children you need to start living one day at a time. Get rid of your past baggage; live one day at a time and do not worry about the future. There are more than 7 billion people in the world and 2 to 3 hundred thousand die each day on a normal day. These messages are going to the whole world so many who read these messages have someone that dies each day. That is why these messages are so important for Our children. They can make the difference of some of our children living in Heaven instead of hell for all eternity. Love, Mother and all of Heaven.

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