This era of time is ending and the new Era of Peace is about to enter your world

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael with all your warring angels
to protect God’s words to His son
6 am, November 1, 2015

My most beloved son and children this is Mary your Mother.  I love all of you dearly.  Thanks, My son for treating My children last night with so much love when you were so tired.  As I have told you when you treat all your brothers and sisters with love, you are treating Me with the same love.  When you hug one of your brothers and sisters, it is I hugging you back with love, and also My Son and all of Heaven.  Your love to others is My love to them and their love to you is My love back to you when the love is pure and holy love.  When you live in a state of grace and follow the Ten Commandments, your love to others is all of Heaven’s love to others and their love back to you is all of Heaven’s love back to you.  This is how I wish for all My children to live.  This is living in Divine Will with all of Heaven.  When you love others with lust, this is living in satan’s will and lust will lead you to hell.  My children, please live in the love of your heart and spirit and not in the lust of the flesh and satan’s sin.

My children, you can see that all the messages of My Son and I, your Mother are being fulfilled in your country and the world.  As We have told you, the chastisement of your country and of the world will keep getting worse.  Your country and world have taken out all of God’s laws and replaced them with satan’s laws.  No country or world can live in satan’s laws very long without destroying themselves.  Satan’s main goal is to destroy all of God’s children and kill them while in a state of mortal sin and take them to hell for all eternity to torture them forever.  God’s Ten Commandments are to lead all of Our children to Heaven in love and peace and joy and happiness of spirit in heavenly love forever and ever and ever for all eternity with all holy angels and saints.

My beloved children let this be a lesson to teach all of you to live in God’s will so you can be with your real Mother and Father for all eternity.  My Father wants to speak to His children.

My most beloved children, My Ten Commandments were not given to make it hard for all of Our children.  They were given to make it easy for all of Our children.  Our children are human and have the weakness of original sin.  They have to have a guideline and a boundary to go by and live by and the Ten Commandments are the laws of Heaven.

My beloved children, you can take all the laws and changes that the world has ever made through all of history and throw them out and live only by the Ten Commandments and all My children would be saved.  The world has changed everything that I your God made perfect in the seven days and changed them over and over and made them so imperfect so that all the air, food, and living conditions are so messed up that My children cannot live in this world anymore.

This is why you are now living in Revelations at the end of the Bible.  This era of time is ending and the new Era of Peace is about to enter your world.  Everything must be destroyed that satan has taught My children to do that is sinful to destroy your earth.  I must renew your earth for the new Era of Peace.  Be ready with a pure soul so I can take most of My children to Heaven and leave some to repopulate My new earth just the same as with Noah and the flood.  The time is here and is now and you are now going through this purification.  Love the Father of All, the God of All, and the Maker of All in seven days.  Love, Father

Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael to guard God’s words to His son
November 14, 2015

My most beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  As I have told you before your country, America, has lost the spiritual battle or war against the evil people and the evil angels.  Now, be ready to be taken into the physical battle.  As I have told you before you will lose everything if you have not been following the Ten Commandments of your God.  My refuges will be protected from all of the evil people.  They will not be able to see you or touch you from the land, the sea, or the sky, or underground below you.  My angels will take care of the refuges.  My angels taking care of the refuges will protect a perfect circle around all the refuges that were set up for the honor and glory of their God and Our Spiritual Mother.

Your country will be the evil people’s next attack.  Pray, pray, pray much so they do not accomplish everything they plan and want to do.  They are now completely ready to attack from all sides and also from above and below the ground.  If every person would say at least one rosary each day, some of the major things could be lessened but not stopped.  My children have slept and sinned too long to make too much of a change, but every little bit of change will lessen some of America’s suffering.

— Have your souls ready

— Have water stored

— Have food stored

— Have some kind of heating and heavy clothing and blankets

These are a few of the minimum necessities.  Love your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  It is time, Love Jesus