Love the God of All, the Maker of All that is good

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, and all of Heaven with St. Michael
to guide God’s words
November 23, 2015

My beloved son, I know you and many of your friends are suffering much, but it is needed for the salvation of all your family and friends.  In a short time those who have been suffering so much will have a break and many more in the world will be suffering for them and the sins of this generation who has turned their back on their God.  I know that you and all your friends are getting tired and weary of all the waiting but it is necessary to save souls.  Many more would be lost if it was not for the remnants that are suffering for them.  Tell all the world that life on earth is just a short time next to all eternity.

I know that many of My children have been begging for healing for all of My children and especially the people in the East in all the war torn countries.  But My children have to give up all their sins and start living the Ten Commandments if they expect the world to change without much more suffering.  I’m with you day and night but sin is a sickness from satan and it causes much suffering for all My children.  But, Love is a grace and it causes much joy and peace for all My children.  If My children would just live in joy and peace and My Ten Commandments, there would be much joy and peace in the world.

As I have told you many times before, you cannot live in all the sins of the flesh and expect to live in joy and peace in the world.  My children are all One Body in Christ and if many of My children are sinning, all My children are suffering.  When more of My children are sinning then suffering in the world is much worse for everyone.  I know most of My children do not want to know this and they turn their backs on their God and suffer much for the little bit of pleasure they get from the sins of the flesh and the body.

Satan encourages My children to do everything for the pleasure of their body.  God encourages His children to do everything for the love of their God and their brothers and sisters.  When you do everything for the love of your brothers and sisters everyone has a peaceful life on earth.  When you give your free will to satan and do everything for the pleasures and lust of yourself you have a sorrowful life on earth with everybody suffering much.  My children can you not see what all your sins of lust and pleasures and killing My babies before they are born has brought you in your world?  Lust and pleasures of the body bring sickness and sorrow to the world.  Love and holiness of body bring love and peace to your world.  Love the God of All, the Maker of All that is good.  Your loving Father to His children.  Happy Thanksgiving  to those who are able to enjoy it.  Please pray for peace in your world.