My justice is getting stronger and stronger each day…

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and all of Heaven with St. Michael
as protector of God’s words,
December 10, 2015

My most beloved son and children, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy and Justice.  Your beloved Pope has declared this (Church) year as The Year of Mercy.  The reason it is declared a year of mercy is because My justice is getting stronger and stronger each day.  I will not put up with the evil of this world any longer.  It has to stop and will stop.

Too many of My children are being forced into evil deeds and actions and thoughts because of all the children who are following satan.  Satan’s power is being taken away little by little and he is fighting back like a mad dog when you corner him.  He is now being cornered by all of Heaven’s children and you are in a world war between satan and God’s children.  You know and I know that satan will not win, but you are seeing a major battle put on by satan’s evil people.  Satan has convinced and lied to them that they will win, but you know and God knows that satan has not got a chance against God.  I had St. Michael and the good angels cast satan out of Heaven when he would not follow his God any longer and I will do the same again.

The Pope declaring this year as a Year of Mercy was a direct attack against satan.  I will let this year also be a year of God’s justice.  I love My children so much that I will never leave them for they are My Mother’s children.  I your God will do everything to save Mama’s children.

Now, My children, you have to do only one thing to be saved and that is to give your heart and will to My Mother and Me.  The mercy is there for the asking but My stubborn children have dug a hole that they can only get out of with the help of God the Father and all of Heaven.  Be ready for many chastisements this (Church) year but be ready to draw from the greatest mercy that has been saved for this generation since Adam and Eve sinned.

This is a teaching for this (Church) year so be ready for God’s justice and Divine Mercy.  Get in a state of grace, now, for many more will die this (Church) year, more than during any other year in history since the time of Noah and the Ark when I cleaned up the earth the last time.  Love, Jesus.