“Welcome the challenges to love, even while you decide for love”

Jesus Christ - Monthly Message Book

COMMENT (by a soul): Each month, Direction for Our Times (http://www.directionforourtimes.com) features an older message from Jesus for deeper spiritual reflection. I have always enjoyed reading these messages and I plan to now feature these monthly messages on the blog, so they can impart graces to others. To be honest, if there is only one book I could have to read while living on a refuge during the Great Tribulation, it would not be the Holy Bible, but the monthly message book of Jesus produced by Direction for Our Times that I would bring with me. The messages are so encouraging and speak to the heart of being an apostle of Christ. I encourage everyone to read the heavenly works through Direction for Our Times. They are so spiritually uplifting. God bless!

Direction For Our Times

March 1, 2008


“My dear friend, you will learn so much about love in heaven. You will look back at your time on earth and you will understand that many things that occurred to you were both exercises in love and opportunities to love. There is misunderstanding about love in the world but those who follow Me, My beloved apostles, seek to master love as I mastered love, in sacrifice. It is true that love creates joy. This is true. But when we take on love, it is also at times like taking on a burden which must then be carried. We should not decide for love and then, finding that love burdensome at times, set it down and walk away from it. This is not how it is done. On the contrary, if you love as I love, you will find at times that the weight of love is heavy. I experienced this on Calvary when I carried My love for you to My death. Did I make the right decision, to pay the ultimate price for love? Of course I did. What else would I do, given the wonderful creation that is you? In the same way, I want each of My apostles to expect their love for Me to be a burden to them at times. This is normal. I want each of My apostles to expect their love for others to be a burden to them at times. This is also normal. In love, there are times when the decision to love feels light, of course, and there seems to be no burden to it at all. Rejoice in these times. In love, there are other times when the burden causes you to question your commitment. Do not be afraid of these times. This questioning is necessary for your growth. I experienced this, too. I was tempted toward an easier way. When love is tried this way and triumphs, that love becomes firmer and less likely to be disappointed later. Welcome the challenges to love, even while you decide for love. I will be with you in each situation, counseling you to humility and gentleness. View each challenge as a worthy exercise, allowed by heaven to teach you about eternity. See the opportunities to love all of those around you, particularly those whom you find it difficult to agree with at times. Please do not be alarmed when you are disappointed in love, when others fail you. This was also My experience and this will also benefit you because it will help you to learn forgiveness. I will bring you to greater holiness with each experience if you remember that I am with you and that I love you perfectly and completely. From the secure place that is My heart, you will go forward with self assurance, confident that you are cherished. This confidence will express itself in an increased ability to love those around you. Be at peace, dear apostles. My plan is such that you will learn to live like residents of heaven. All is well.”

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“God is the Master Weaver and He incorporates into each life reasons to trust in Him”

Holy Love Ministry

March 1, 2016

I (Maureen) am shown a blanket floating in the air. It is frayed at the corners.

Our Lady says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Trust is like a coverlet which protects the heart from doubts and fears. When self-interest invades the heart through free will the coverlet of trust begins to unravel. This is so, for the soul lets himself begin to trust in his own efforts more than in God’s Provision.”

“Every present moment – every human experience – is woven into the coverlet of trust to attain God’s Will. It is in this way, when everything is accepted with trust in God’s Will, that weaknesses become strengths in God’s Plan. Trust does not allow any part of the present moment to be wasted on fear. Trust in God’s Mercy does not allow guilt to take over the heart.”

“The more tightly woven the coverlet of trust over the heart, the more God is able to use the soul as His Instrument. God is the Master Weaver and He incorporates into each life reasons to trust in Him.”

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“How To Live In The Present Moment – Holy Love” by a soul

Will We Even Make It To The November 2016 U.S. Elections? (Prophet John Leary)

Prophet John Leary

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen only a ten per cent correction in your stock prices that occurred in August. If your world economy stagnates or declines, your Federal Reserve may be slow to raise interest rates. Any interest rate hikes could precipitate a failure in derivatives that could still cause a bank failure. Such a crash could precipitate a martial law which is what your military is preparing for. You could even see your President declare martial law to keep himself in power as a dictator. Before any such disasters occur, I will bring My Warning to prepare sinners for the coming tribulation. I am having My faithful set up refuges to protect My faithful from the coming evil ones.”

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard the talking points for both political sides, and it will be hard to pare down all the candidates to only one on each side. This could be another crucial election in 2016. In an older message I mentioned the possibility of a cancelled election. If your current President wants to call a martial law, you could see no election at all, as you would have a dictator leading you into the North American Union. Beware of this possibility because you would have to come to My refuges as a result. Pray for My protection from such a takeover of America.”

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen a year of no change in your stock market. The few interest rate raises are not even going to change the interest rates for savers at your banks. With higher minimum wages, there will be fewer jobs with less hours. Many of your health exchanges will have a hard time making a profit, as your health system is falling apart from not having enough people signing up. Finding good jobs will be harder as companies are trying to cut their numbers. As some countries falter in their lack of growth, you will see some stagnant economies and some possible bank failures. Your National Debt is rising faster than you can continue to finance it. There will be some food shortages because of your bad weather conditions with very few reserves to back up any losses. Be prepared in case your President wants to declare martial law to stop the coming Presidential election. The one world people want to take over America by any means possible, and they will use any means necessary to implement their plan. Have your refuges ready to accept many faithful as soon as possible. Have trust in My protection through the coming tribulation.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen your President issue an Executive Order that would allow him to declare martial law for any reason. He is following the orders of the one world people to set up a martial law to take over your country. A time will come before your elections when it would be time to discontinue the elections because of a made-up crisis. I have mentioned before that your martial law could occur from a combination of a country bankruptcy, a pandemic virus, and terrorist activities. Your Federal Reserve is planning to slowly increase your interest rates. Many people have been borrowing cheap loans to buy stocks, especially those people who hold derivatives on home loans. As interest rates increase, your National Debt will grow faster because more interest would have to be paid. The existing derivatives will also fail as interest rates go up. In either case this could precipitate loan failures that could cause a bankruptcy of your financial system. This will cause a martial law that will bring in the North American Union, and a loss of your freedoms, and your money would fail. This would cause riots when people could not get their welfare checks or their Social Security checks. So prepare some food and water for hard times, and be ready to leave your homes for My refuges when I tell you. My angels will protect you on the way to My refuges, and at My refuges. Trust in My protection during the coming tribulation.”

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you read how Queen Ester prayed to Me so she could approach the king with a request for her people. Anyone who approached the king without being asked, could face death for such an action. In the vision you are seeing a crown put on your President, as he is reigning like a king over his people. He has defied your Constitution and the Congress in being uncompromising, and making fiat laws for what he wants. Now he wants to control the Supreme Court with one of his own candidates. The one world people are guiding your President to a takeover of your country in making America a communist state of the North American Union. I have mentioned before that unless your people rise up against him, you will lose all of your rights, and you will be subject to him as a king or a dictator. You are planning for your election of a new President, but do not be surprised if your President finds a way to remain in power. If you see such a takeover, then My faithful will need to prepare to leave for My refuges when your lives will be in danger. Do not be afraid of any takeover of your country because I will protect you from anyone who wants to kill you. Call on My help, and My angels will bring you to My refuges.”