Blessed Virgin Mary – “Your nation (USA) must maintain its sovereignty – The position of world leader must not be surrendered to a New World Order”

Holy Love Ministry

September 3, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Your nation must maintain its sovereignty. The position of world leader must not be surrendered to a New World Order. There is no such thing as leading from behind. This nation must be a powerful influence for positive moral standards, beginning with the protection of life in the womb, so that other nations can take heed and follow suit.”

“Rarely has one nation been given the influence to redirect the path of world governments. This will all be lost, however, if you choose leaders who are controlled by the international power cartel. National identity must be the treasure you cling to – otherwise this nation, like so many others, will be swallowed up by this cartel and ushered into the New World Order.”

“The money behind this power cartel has taken over many lives, governments and hearts of world leaders. It is being used to weaken good and to promote evil. You must look at policies and actions – not just listen to words or follow influential names. Be wise in your decisions. Be ‘One Nation under God’ as God intends you to be.”

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