“I can tell you the liberal never passes from this life directly into Heaven – The fortunate ones are detained in Purgatory”

Holy Love Ministry

September 22, 2016

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Because liberalism has taken over so many hearts in this country and around the world, I have come to address it. A liberal is one who accepts any opinion and tolerates any sin unless, of course, the opinion is conservative. The true liberal is not constricted by God’s Commandments. He is quite willing to oppose the Commandments in thought, word and deed.”

“The liberal thinks his opinions represent freedom, when in fact, they represent slavery to sin. He has little or no regard for pleasing God. He chooses to please himself and other people. He considers those of a more traditional, conservative viewpoint as obstacles to the Truth and a nuisance to be overcome.”

“The liberal does not see the direction he is following which leads away from God. He views all who do not follow in his footsteps as misguided and ill-informed.”

“I can tell you the liberal never passes from this life directly into Heaven. The fortunate ones are detained in Purgatory.”

“Politics has wrapped itself around liberalism and vice versa.”

“Do not be swayed by people of influence or mainstream media to believe liberalism is acceptable. Be loyal to God, His Commandments and consequently Holy Love.”

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