The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and Locutions To The World

Prophecies about America that I put together back on March 19, 2016 about the U.S. Presidential Election. God bless! –a soul

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Locutions To The World

COMMENT (by a soul): The following are a few locutions that are good to ponder in light of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election this November 2016. Let us hope and pray that the American people elect a man who strives to walk in the ways of God. God bless!

February 20, 2012
Satan’s Drama


A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts.  Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising.  All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain.  When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage. So, the uprising in Egypt is…

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