Jesus Christ – “I your God have given you one last chance and you better make use of it… You are living on borrowed time”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

April 6, 2017

Come Holy Spirit with the Word of God with St. Michael and all of Heaven as Protector of Your Words, Come, Lord Jesus

“My son, I have been wanting to talk to you about your country.  Your country must have unity with their God and not satan.  The split in your country is caused by the lifestyle of the people of your country and the evil people that the one world government are sending to your country to cause all corruption to take it down.   I have told you in many of My messages, that the only way to save your country is to put the Ten Commandments back into your churches, schools, governments, and everything that your country does.  I have sent you a good President and a good Vice President who are trying to do just that.  People do not want to listen to any law or any order from God or from your new leaders.”

“I tell you that all America and the world must listen to God and have the Ten Commandments as their true leader.  And, then to the new leaders that I send you, if the new leaders are living in the Commandments, listen to them and help them to get your people back to living in God’s Will and not satan’s will.  Until you start living the Ten Commandments, your country will keep suffering more and more.  Please listen, My children for God’s ways are the only ways to be happy and peaceful.”

“You wonder why so many people are coming into your country, and it is because of all the abortions in your country and the world.  It is also because of all the laziness of the American people.  The elite people who run the world bring in cheap labor to make up for the laziness of American people so they can make more money.  If Americans would have had their children and not aborted them you would not have so many people coming into your country and taking your jobs.  It is all because of your laziness and sins of the flesh that you are about to go down.”

“I your God have given you one last chance and you better make use of it and unify and change your lifestyle from sin and sickness to love and peace of God and not what you call love and peace of the flesh.  You are living on borrowed time.  Love, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Pray much for your Congress and Senate and President today.  It is a critical day in the life of your country.” (Twelve hours after this message was given, the US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military airfield.)

Thanks, Jesus, for protection from storms last night.  Love, from all of Your children on earth.  Forgive us for our sins.