Jesus Christ – “Have confidence in My Mercy and do not doubt”

Holy Love Ministry

April 24, 2017

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Have confidence in My Mercy and do not doubt. It is your doubts which serve as an obstacle between your will and the Will of My Father. You cannot be in union with the Divine Will when you doubt His action in your heart.”

Spiritual Practice Tip (from a soul):

I always end my Confession with these words:

“Finally, Father, please forgive me for any forgotten sins and sins of omission.”

I do this, because I recognize that I am an imperfect person and honestly, I’m not going to remember everything I need to confess (even though I prepare in advance with a written list). So, this is my “catch-all” phrase and it really helps me, because I no longer doubt afterwards if my Confession was imperfect or if I missed anything.

I suggest this practice to others and I hope it helps. God bless!