“I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before”

Comment (by a soul): I came across this heavenly message where Jesus and Mary speak about the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) and the Great Miracle and Great Sign of Garabandal in a hidden way. There will be a period of miracles and massive conversions before Jesus finally comes in Great Glory in the Second Coming. This will be the period in which the Secrets of Garabandal and Medjugorje take place, so people can be prepared for the Second Coming. God bless!


October 14, 2012
“Signs and Wonders”


“Obviously, I will not come in the flesh, because this is how I came the first time. Also, I will not come in glory when every eye will see and all will be gathered together by the angels. How then will I come? I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before. I will come in graces of massive conversions, massive both in their extraordinary nature and in the numbers who will be touched.”

“These miracles and conversions will be beginning signs. They will begin immediately and will prepare the world for the greater events. These will be external and internal experiences. The external will be seen by all in a given part of the world and will lead to many conversions.”

“The internal experiences will be worldwide, but of course, hidden from view because they will take place within the person’s heart. However, many will speak of their experiences. In this way they, too, will become external. All of these are not the final gift but will lead up to and will prepare for the great gift of my coming.”


“My task is the same as that of John the Baptist. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. In his public life, his divinity was kept hidden. He would tell people that he was the special Son of the Father, but, seeing only his human nature, they had to believe his words. So it will be again. His full coming in heavenly glory, when every eye shall see, still lies ahead!”

“His present coming is not in human flesh or in heavenly glory. Therefore, I must prepare the world, just as John the Baptist did, for this coming which is already taking place and to which people must respond to receive the blessings.”

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