Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “I want my cross and my lifeless form on the cross to prompt people to think of their next life”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

February 20, 2018


“Why does it benefit people to study my Passion? Why does the sacrifice of one person for the good of another inspire us and console us? My friends, when we see heroic human sacrifice, everything trivial is stripped away. We look and we understand. God created humanity for noble goals. The hopes of the Father are realised when, against all worldly thinking, one person sacrifices himself, his well-being or his wealth for the good of another person.

In families this is most common because when people know each other intimately, they do love each other and view each other as valuable and important. In families where this unconditional and full commitment to the good of each other is absent, for any reason, the individuals may be without awareness of their foundational worth. For those people who feel unloved, we must work hard to persuade them that they are crucial members of the family of God. That is our work if we serve the Father. Why was I convinced that my very life should be given over to the plans of the Father? My friends, I was in the world but I was aware of the next life for everyone I met. My cross directs the eye to the next world. My lifeless form does not prompt despair, because I overcame My death through the Resurrection. Do you see? Death is not the last thing. It is only the last thing on earth, in the human experience. I want my cross and my lifeless form on the cross to prompt people to think of their next life, their heavenly home and all of the hope that comes with those thoughts. When someone looks at the cross and me on it, lifeless, they should remember that sacrifice is temporary. Eternal life is permanent. The lesson offered from the cross is one of hope in the unconditional love of the Father, in sending Me, yes, but also allowing Me to give in totality for the well-being of each person ever created by the Father. My cross should prompt one to study deep and complete conviction, along with complete trust and hope in the Father’s presence and the Father’s plan. Do not think when you are maligned or misunderstood that the Father also misunderstands you. The Father loves you, in every situation. You are understood. You will be safe in Heaven and every sacrifice and suffering will be rewarded and celebrated. Be deeply peaceful when you study my Passion. It is a sign of both love and determination.”