Special Announcement – Nightly 7pm Holy Love Ministries Prayer Service LIVE STREAM

COMMENT (by a soul):

For those interested, Holy Love Ministries has started broadcasting online their nightly ecumenical prayer service.  The live stream takes places at 7pm every night in Ohio (Eastern Daylight Time).  Here is the link:

7pm Ecumenical Prayer Service

I will also place the live stream link under the blog news to the right-hand side of this website, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, so people can find it quickly each day.  Here is also links to some of the prayers that are used during the service (every night has a different intention):

Daily Prayers Of The Children Of The United Hearts Of Jesus And Mary – Holy Love Ministry

Holy Love Prayer Books – Free Booklets

God bless!

Holy Love Ministry

February 24, 1998

Our Lady started singing to me on the way into the chapel. “Come to Me, My daughter, come.”

When I arrived, Our Lady was there in blue and white. She said:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My angel, I have chosen you for you have chosen Me. It is so with all who are consecrated to Me. I desire that My chosen ones no longer oppose one another but unite in a common effort of prayer. If through free will all respond, I will hold you as the stone in David’s slingshot. Together we will slew apostasy, abortion, and war. These are the giants of evil that threaten the world.”

“Come together as a song of praise, all you Marian groups. You are not different but alike in My call to you. Do not look for differences but oneness in spirit.”

“Let Saturday evening be a common hour of prayer amongst you. Saturday is My day. Evening grows nigh. Time is short and grows shorter. Unite, My children. Use your Rosaries as weapons, not as a quiet pastime. I desire so much to share the victory with you.”

“I will bless those who respond to Me.”