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Dear My Beloved Daughter,

It is not an accident that you are reading this…

You are struggling with making the best choice and most important decision you can make at this moment.  Within you, you are carrying a precious life of a child and he/she wants to live and grow-up and become a vital member of society.  This precious child has undiscovered talents and gifts to contribute to the world.  This precious child wants to live, and only through your cooperation of nine months, he/she can be part of a human family, where he/she is loved and cherished.

I pray that you will make the right loving decision for this precious child.

On this blog page, I have compiled reasons why you should choose life for him/her.  I hope you will consider the reasons thoughtfully and carefully.  I also hope that you will reach out to others for support in choosing life for this precious child.

I know you will make the best choice for this precious child.  You are courageous and brave.  I believe in you.

I love you.

–a soul


Pregnant and Need Help? Two Comprehensive Resources:

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Regret Taking The Abortion Pill? Stop The Abortion – Seek Help Now To Reverse The Medical Or Chemical Abortion

If you have only taken the first dose of the medical or chemical abortion, you may be able to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

Abortion reversal is possible for some women who have begun an abortion.

Doctors have saved nearly 300 babies with abortion reversal.

If you or someone you know regrets taking the abortion pill, help is available at or by calling the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline at 1-877-558-0333.

God Bless!

Video: Abortion Pill Reversal (3:32 minutes)

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Click below to learn more about the different medical procedures used in abortion (videos explained by a former abortionist-medical doctor):

Abortion Procedures:

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The Heavenly Father’s Love Letter To You
(Available in 108 languages to freely download, visit:

(Click here to be redirected to the transcript for the video.)

God Loves You.
And He is the Father
you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love letter to you.



Video – The Miracle of Life (3:32 minutes)

Video – The Miracle of Life (Spanish) (3:32 minutes)



Video – Choose Life (1:40 minutes)

Video – You Are A New Creation (1:35 minutes)



St. John the Baptist

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Unborn Infant

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Click on the video below to see a 3D Ultrasound of an unborn infant at 20 weeks of age. (Video credit: Pastor Troy Dukes).

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Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.

An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time it has been also shown to happen in humans.

“Amazing Video Shows Bright Flash of Light When Sperm Meets Egg and Human Life Begins”


Conception 1

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Baby Noah at 12 weeks

“Stunning photo of Noah, miscarried at 12 weeks, will amaze you”
By Nancy Flanders
March 19, 2015

Noah – the name means “peace” and “comfort,”  and for Lara, this was the perfect name for her son. She was 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant when baby Noah died from a miscarriage. Heartbroken by the loss of her son, Lara wanted his life to have meaning in the world. With this photo of Noah, that dream is becoming a reality.

“Even though he only lived for 12 weeks, Noah was special to me,” Lara told Louisiana Right to Life. “I am blessed that I was able to hold him, to see that he was real. Just like every other mother, this first photo of my child will always be special to me. I am devastated that we lost Noah, but I know that his 12 weeks of life had a purpose. His body reveals the miracle of human life.”

A true miracle. At 12 weeks’ gestation, Noah’s reflexes were becoming more refined. Like other preborn humans at this stage, he responded to touch, and moved around in his mother’s womb.

He started to close his fingers and curl his toes; his liver and kidneys were functioning, and most of his systems were fully formed. Noah only needed time to develop and grow.

What this picture of tiny Noah displays is the beauty of human life in the womb. In no way was Noah a “clump of tissue,” as the abortion industry would have us believe. He was human. He was perfect and beautiful, and no child like him should ever have to face a death sentence just for existing.

At 12 weeks’ gestation, that death sentence would have typically come in the form of a suction abortion, in which the preborn baby and placenta are sucked out of the uterus, torn apart by pressure 29 times stronger than a household vacuum. The abortionist then goes through the contents of the container, piecing the tiny person back together to ensure all of his or her body parts are accounted for.

It isn’t simply “contents of the uterus” being removed – it is a preborn human, who has reflexes and a beating heart. A human being who only needed more time to grow, along with the love and care of a family. Noah’s short life proves this, and his life will likely save many others his age from abortion.

“If [Noah] could help show one mother considering abortion the beauty of her child,” Noah’s mother said. “Then our loss would be worth it.”

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“We were both raped and became pregnant. She aborted. I’m so glad I didn’t.”
By Elizabeth Díaz Navarro

February 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Rape is so evil. I know that first hand. My friend and I were both raped and became pregnant. We both chose different paths. I have learned that abortion will never help a rape victim overcome the trauma and will only make the situation worse.

My name is Elizabeth and I live in Costa Rica. While attending university I was raped and became pregnant. I wanted to abort. I did not want to be a single mom.

One day while I was crying about my situation, I felt my little baby begin to move. I reached out for some help, telling myself, “Ok, I will place this baby for adoption. I don’t have to be burdened with this kid I didn’t order.”

Months passed. I learned my baby was a girl. It was such a strange time because I hated and loved her at the same time. How could I love something that came from such an evil act?

The days passed. On February 19th my much-questioned baby was born by cesarean section. I awoke from the surgery to hear some wonderful nurses saying, “Look at that pretty girl.”

And just like that, I fell in love with her. I called her “Gaudy,” a name I had always liked as a little girl.

Yes, my baby stole my heart. I am happy. I survived. And I thank God, because I have the best gift that life could give me, my daughter. She is my everything, my little princess. I am grateful to those who helped me through this difficult time.

It has now been nine years since her arrival. I can say that with her in my life I am a more complete human and a stronger and happier woman. She is my blessing. Thank you my child: You make my life a place full of love and hope.

How I wish my friend Carol could have shared a similar love and joy. The same day that those men violated me, they also raped and impregnated her.

Everyone told her to abort “that bastard son of a horror.” She had no one to help her with kind words of encouragement. So, she decided to abort.

At first, she thought everything would be fine. One day, however, the two of us were visiting in a park and she told me what was really happening inside of her.

It was December and my baby was then 10 months old. When we saw each other, we cried a lot. She saw my daughter and began describing to me what the face of her baby might have looked like. She told me she could not stop feeling like a killer. Her baby was gone and she felt responsible.

She said to me, “Eli, how I envy you because I will never know who my baby could’ve been.”

A few months later I went to visit Carol. To my horror, I found that she had committed suicide.

Her mother told me that she was never the same after the abortion. It had overwhelmed her. I will always remember my friend as a beautiful and special girl.

I don’t want to judge. I know how horrible rape is, but aborting will never help. I was raised with the certainty that using evil against evil never works. Only giving love will bear fruit.

It’s true that rape scarred me as a woman. But that horrible man cannot do me any more harm. I now know that abortion would have only made my situation worse, especially since I am unable to have more children. My daughter conceived in rape has become my blessing. To this day, I am the mother of a blessing.

With the love of my baby, I am happy. I could never imagine my life without her.

Editor’s Note: Elizabeth blogs in Spanish at Save the 1. Her story originally appeared at Her story has been edited and used here with permission. (Source:

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“Meet Noah Wall: ‘The boy without a brain’ talks, counts, and goes to school”
By Cassy Fiano

February 28, 2017 (LiveActionNews) — Last year, Live Action News brought you the story of Noah Wall, a little boy with spina bifida who has truly defied all expectations. Noah’s parents found out at three months gestation that Noah had spina bifida, chromosomal abnormalities, and hydrocephalus. Only 2 percent of his brain tissue was present, and doctors said he would die before birth, or shortly after. They were repeatedly encouraged to have an abortion — but Noah’s parents refused.

“We were offered termination five times,” Rob Wall, Noah’s father, said. “It was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life.”

Still, with the grim diagnosis before them, Noah’s parents planned for the worst. They planned his funeral before he was born, and expected to have to say goodbye to their sweet boy soon.

Instead, Noah was born with a strong cry, shocking everyone.

“The first thing we heard when he was born was him taking a breath and then crying, which was unbelievable,” his mother, Shelly, recalled. Noah had to have numerous surgeries and medical procedures, including one to place a drain into his head to clear the cerebrospinal fluid pressing on his brain. Noah quickly shattered every boundary his doctors had placed on him.

Over time, Noah’s brain grew. By age three, he had 80 percent of a normal brain, and his family continues to work to aid his brain development. His spina bifida has left Noah paralyzed from the chest down, and he required the use of a wheelchair, but that hasn’t slowed him down. Now, Noah is attending school and can even count to 10, and can talk as well as read.

Noah, the little boy doctors predicted would die shortly after birth, is not only still alive against all odds — he’s thriving. In the documentary “The Boy Who Grew A New Brain,” Noah is shown to be an active, happy, and remarkably empathetic boy. (In one scene, his mother cries while she attaches his braces, and Noah responds by asking her if she’s all right.)

It’s even possible that Noah will walk one day, despite his current paralysis. He’s had numerous operations on his hips, which may enable him to become independently mobile. “We’re determined that Noah will be able to walk,” Noah’s dad, Rob, said. His neurosurgeon, Dr. Nicholson, wisely acknowledges that Noah has a lot to teach physicians around the world. “He teaches the medical profession that you can’t ever know,” he said.

The sad truth is that the Walls’ doctors initially gave Noah no hope of his leading a fulfilling life. They repeatedly tried to pressure Rob and Shelly into having an abortion. They decided his life was not worth living, even before he had a chance to prove them wrong.

Thankfully, his parents refused, and Noah should be a reminder to everyone that life with disabilities does not have to mean a death sentence. Not only was Noah given the gift of life, but he can also potentially help countless other people with disabilities.

Doctors are now studying his brain to learn more about spina bifida, which could hopefully help other people with the birth defect down the road.

None of this would be possible if Noah had been aborted.


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Click below to learn more about the different medical procedures used in abortion (videos explained by a former abortionist-medical doctor):

Abortion Procedures:

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Yes, there are babies who have survived abortions. These are their stories.

The Abortion Survivors Network – Testimonies

Failed Abortions – Get Informed

Abortion Survivors (For Teens)

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A song: “Let Me Live” by Catholic music artist, John Angotti, adoptee

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Locutions To The World

April 22, 2013
The Trinity’s Decision at Your Conception


Let me remove the veil that covers over the heavenly realities so that all people can see.  As they see, they are free to choose.  They remain free and can still reject heaven.  However, these revelations are my call, my invitation to open their heart and to come to me.

Let us begin in the very bosom of the Trinity where a decision was made to create you, O reader.  The moment of conception arrived.   Whenever that happens, the three persons of the Trinity decide just whom they will create.  At the moment of your conception, you were chosen, a free and deliberate choice of Almighty God.  We wanted you to exist for our glory and for your eternal happiness.


Creation at conception is the beginning moment.  From then on, the Trinity is always present, deeply interested in the full development of the person they have created.  All their plans lay ahead, all the hopes which they have in their new creation.  So much is at stake – eternal life or eternal darkness.  Never are you out of the mind and heart of the Trinity, even though you can choose what they would not choose.  From the moment of your conception, the divine, eternal drama has begun.

April 22, 2013
A Word to Pregnant Women


Each day, the Trinity makes this decision to create many human persons according to its own image and likeness.  Each person is unique, formed totally by God and united with a human nature.  Then, the great mystery begins.  What will the person become?  How will others care for him?  What decisions will he make?  A new life begins, sacred from the very beginning and destined to live forever.  What has begun will never cease to be.  The human person, directly created by God at the moment of conception, can never be destroyed or annihilated.  This leads us into the greatest mysteries.


Human conception begins the great story of each person, conceived but still not free to act and to choose.  That will come soon enough, if the mother allows the pregnancy to go to term.

Here, I must delay a moment and speak to women about their own bodies.  You are a woman, able to conceive and nourish human life.  When you are pregnant, you do not carry in your womb just some living material.  You carry a person, created by God at the moment of conception.  For these months, this person depends upon your body and your cooperation.  If you withdraw your help, and destroy the child by abortion, he/she will continue to exist but without any chance of living or of giving new life to others.  God decided to create this person but it is your decision to give birth.

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Pregnant and Need Help? Two Comprehensive Resources:

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Stories about Adoption and Hope
(periodically updated)

(2/23/17): “After abortion reversal that saved her son, Amy says: ‘Every time I look at him, I’m just so thankful’”

(2/20/17): “Husband and wife prayed to adopt a baby girl — and he was right there to make the special delivery”

(3/17/15): “Parents cuddled the dead body of their newborn baby: incredible video shows the moment the unthinkable happened”

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For mothers who have aborted their children, please know that you are still dearly loved by God and He desires to forgive you. But, you must seek God first to ask forgiveness so He can give His Mercy to you, He can pardon you, and so, you can be united with your children in Heaven one day.

Please click on the link below to read the special words from Heaven meant especially for you now. God bless!

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