Mary Speaks To China

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Locutions To The World

April 9, 2011


Our Lady Speaks to the Nations

The time is short.  Soon the events will begin.  At first, they will seem small and isolated, but then, like a match touched to a forest, the conflagration will spread.  How can this happen?  Are not the walls put up, the pacts signed and the treaties made?  What is wrong?  The sins of the past have not been removed by repentance.

To China

To a land that does not know me and to a people who have not heard my name.  You are mine and soon I will take you to my heart, not just individually, not one by one, but as a nation, all at once.  I will take you into my arms and you will ask, Who is saving us?  Who is setting us free?  Who has suddenly loosened our bonds?

Yes, you are in bondage to the darkness of your religious teachings.  These bring you no light even though gods are invoked and prayers are said.  These fall upon deaf ears, said to gods made by human hands.

I will give you a new God, a true Lord, my Son, Jesus.  He is already walking among you in great signs and wonders.  He is preached and adored in house churches.  However, your government fears him and tries to control him.  He will break out of their grasp.  It is already happening.  What is sown will break forth.  New life is already in your midst, but you know it not.

A day will come when you will renounce your other gods and embrace Jesus. On that day, I will break your chains, the chains that have bound your hearts like you used to bind your children’s feet. China will be free and the world’s largest nation will proclaim my Son as its Lord.

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